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Getting down on the floor for road safety

Thursday 29th April 2010

The Safer Birmingham Partnership is using two new Early Years’ resources to bring a fresh approach to road safety lessons.
‘Letter Roads’ and ‘Number Roads’ are being used in Reception and Year 1 classes at schools with the highest casualty rates in the city.

The idea came from ‘Michele’, a mum whose little boy found it difficult to concentrate during normal lessons.

The two resources are sets of individual mats showing each shape as a road, complete with white dotted lines down the middle and helpful images around them –  the ‘z’ road, for example, shows a safety-conscious zebra crossing. 

Armed with toy cars, children are unaware they’re learning the shape and names of the roads they are tracing.

The Safer Birmingham Partnership chose these resources because they can help deliver road safety messages without it feeling like a lesson – the way small children prefer, down on the floor having fun.

Teachers are able to use the resources to reinforce road safety discussions during normal literacy and numeracy lessons.

Both products are made in Britain from recyclable plastic using natural, vegetable-based inks and come in their own FairTrade cotton bag.

For more information contact Charlie on 07860 450 341 or visit:


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We bought the letters two years ago. I have two boys and we had hours of fun with them. I now have two conscientious driver to be and two bookworms... And when the letters are not used to play, they are used to decorate the kids bedroom.
Anne, Montreal, Canada

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Wow what a brilliant fun idea, they are multi-tasking without realising it. This must surely catch on.I work in an area with extremely high social deprivation so I can see the benefit.
Sue, Bristol

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