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New app provides tyre safety advice

Wednesday 5th November 2014

TyreSafe has launched a new mobile phone app to provide motorists with “practical tyre safety tips and advice while on the go”.

The Tyre Safety Companion, which is available free on the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, gives practical advice and reminders regarding tyre safety and maintenance issues such as what to do at the roadside in the event of a puncture, and how to check tyre pressures.

The Tyre Safety Companion is part of TyreSafe's ongoing efforts to reduce the number of tyre related casualties which occur on the UK's roads. TyreSafe says that in 2013, nearly 1,000 road casualties were caused as a result of driving on illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres. And in a recent survey carried out by TyreSafe, 19% of respondents admitted that they had never checked their tyre tread depth.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said: "Our new app ensures drivers can easily access a wealth of tyre related information.

"Answers to some of the most common questions we're asked by drivers are now available within this app. Furthermore, we'll send you timely reminders designed to help prolong the life of your tyres and maximise your safety on the road."



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Now that is news, almost 1,000 casualties caused by poor maintenance of tyres and not as poor judgement or driver/ rider error. I wonder how they came by this information? I havn't seen that statistic before, it must have slipped through the net. Maybe it was a contributory factor on Stats 19.
bob craven Lancs

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Quite agree Bob. I can understand a blow-out causing an almost immediate loss of control, but I don't see how an investigator could conclude with certainty that a defective or under-inflated tyre could 'cause casualties' to a greater extent than poor judgement or other driver error.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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Yes, talking about blow outs I remember a case on the M6 when a HGV tyre blew up and the remains of the burst tyre killed a motorcyclist behind.
bob craven Lancs

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I remember a motorist with a seriously underinflated tyre brake sharply upon seeing a parked police vehicle (1 day old!) the tyre caused a loss of control and they car struck the police car surprising the officer writing up his note book. A contributory factor, but the real cause was speed and lack of attention.
Olly, Lancs

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