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Skips not left to waste

Monday 8th July 2013

A series of bright yellow waste skips have been used to deliver road safety messages to drivers across Northamptonshire.

The ‘Skip to School Safely’ scheme is a partnership between the waste and recycling company Mick George Ltd and Northamptonshire’s road safety team.

The scheme was initially launched in November 2012 to coincide with National Road Safety Week and the darker nights. A series of road safety messages and slogans were applied to skips which were then strategically placed near schools and close to collision black spots.

Skip to School Safely commenced with a drawing competition which generated more than 1,500 entries from 20 participating primary schools across Northamptonshire. The three winners and their classmates, aged between 6 and 11 years, then recreated their designs on the side of a Mick George skip with the help of the internationally renowned graffiti artist Jonnie Barton.

As the scheme drew to a close the painted skips were placed along the verge of a particularly busy stretch of the A43 carriageway linking Northampton and Corby.

For more information contact Claire Armstrong at Mick George on 01480 499134.


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If a vehicle activated sign warns me to slow down because it detects that I am speeding (only by mistake of course) I have no problem with it. But if a sign of any kind tells me to SLOW DOWN without having the slightest idea of my speed, I object.
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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Slow down signs have been over-used - an example of crying wolf. Much better to tell drivers what the hazard is - school? Hidden junction/entrance? Sharp bend? Signs should tell us what to look out for, not what to do. If they did, our road-users would be better informed and our roads would be safer.
Eric Bridgstock, Independent Road Safety Research, St Albans

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How about a message that says - LINGER LONGER, LOOK LONGER, LIVE LONGER aimed at drivers and riders at or approaching junctions.
bob craven Lancs

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I think the skip messages are primarily aimed at passing pedestrians and parked motorists re: being seen at night, considerate parking etc. Although they appear to have one marked 'Slow down -see more' and, as a road safety message for drivers, you can't really argue with that one.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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