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'Pioneering' scheme offers free top-up training

Monday 6th April 2009

A new initiative by the - thought to be first of its kind in the UK - sees motorcycle dealers offering extra training at point of sale.

Under the DART (Dealer Approved Rider Training) initiative, motorcycle dealers across the county are working with the ECRB to provide free extra training on top of the motorcycle license.

DART can range from a ride out to familiarise the rider with their new purchase, to a full ‘skills for life’ package taking the rider right up to ROSPA or IAM qualifications (both of whom are backing the scheme).

Councillor Norman Hume, ECRB chairman, said: “This free top-up training initiative is aimed at providing the extra awareness that could make a difference to the motorcyclist faced by a challenging situation.

“I am very pleased at the level of support we have received from motorcycle dealers and thank them for their hard work in helping us make our county safer."

Tim Cope, from TK Cope Moto Ltd, said: “Motorcycle dealers want nothing more than to encourage our customers to get the most out of their bikes and that includes not having an accident.

“We think we can help reduce accidents by presenting those purchasing a motorbike with the options they need to ride it safely”

For more information contact Scott Wilson on 01245 434383.


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Pity there is not a nationwide initiative to give FREE TRAINING to newbies.

More than the CBT that is/ Perhaps motorcyclists need something like 12 or 20 hrs of training with certification before being allowed to take a test.
Bob Craven Blackpool

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I have stated this before, If the dealer is selling a £6.000 to £12.000 machine [or more] the purchaser can and should negotiate some extras. Now I dont think that a free book costing no more than £10 would go amiss. Together with maybe further info where training is available and contact numbers and perhaps some discount vouchers for it.

It would show which retailers are supporting further or ongoing training or just paying lip service.

It might just push a motorcyclists to invest a little into learning more. Which can only be a good thing.
Bob Craven, Blackpool

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