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Reader comments: moderation policy and house rules

Moderation policy
All reader comments are ‘fully moderated’ (read) by a member of a small team of moderators prior to publication.

During the working week (Mon-Fri, 9.00am – 5.00pm) we endeavor to read and publish comments within 30 minutes of receiving them. Outside of these times comments are read periodically – typically at least once during a weekday evening and at least twice each day at the weekend.

Our policy is to moderate as lightly as possible and publish as much as possible, providing comments adhere to our house rules (see below). We endeavor to tidy up typos, spelling and other obvious errors when possible.

Where we moderate we only remove content from a comment – we never rewrite a comment. If we feel it is necessary to insert a word or words to make sense of a comment we do so using brackets (brackets).

In circumstances where we feel unable to publish a comment because it breaks our house rules, we endeavor to advise the reader (by email) and explain why we are not going to publish. In such circumstances we usually invite the reader to rephrase and resubmit the comment.

The final decision on moderation and not publishing comments lies with the editor of Road Safety News. Occasionally he may refer to one or more members of the Board of Road Safety GB for a second opinion, but in most instances the editor will make the final decision.

Readers can also object to a comment by using the ‘report a reader comment’ facility. When this happens the comment is removed pending review, and then either republished or permanently removed with a note to that effect. The person who made the comment, and the objector, will be advised accordingly.

Reader comments – house rules
At Road Safety GB we encourage healthy debate about road safety issues – that’s why we give readers the opportunity to comment on news items.

However, we are determined to ensure that any debate on our website is courteous, respectful and professional.

That’s the reason for these very simple house rules:

 • We won’t publish any comment that we consider to be aggressive, abusive or contains foul language.

• We won’t publish any comment that in our opinion contains an overt personal attack on an individual or organisation.

• We encourage contributors, wherever possible, to refrain from personalising their response to someone else’s post.

• We will not publish – at our absolute discretion, and without explanation – any post that we feel contravenes the tone and spirit of debate/ discussion on this newsfeed.

 We've also introduced a word limit of around 150 words per post - in order to keep discussion threads lively. The editor can use his discretion to allow longer posts where he feels it is appropriate to do so.

 That’s it in terms of house rules!

 For more information
For more information about our moderation policy and house rules please contact Nick Rawlings, editor of Road Safety News, on 01379 650112.